Dennis Zehner Assumes Executive Director Role as Agency Looks to Advance its Mission

Photo of Dennis Zehner

Dennis Zehner assumed the role as Executive Director of the Center for Vision Loss today as the agency began a new service year and initiated a critical effort to define how it will advance its mission. Zehner had been the organization’s Director of Advancement since 2018 and earned the additional title of Associate Director in […]

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Enabling Personal Triumphs: Agency Adopts Strategic Plan, New Mission Statement

Photo of a client as she tends to a plant that she potted

The Center for Vision Loss Board of Directors has adopted a new strategic plan and a new mission statement that reflects the agency’s value for people of all ages and visual capabilities. Ratified Wednesday during the board’s July meeting, the 2018-2021 strategic plan seeks to leverage the agency’s continued evolution to achieve greater recognition and […]

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