Our Support Services

Our Support Services improve the quality of life for people with vision loss and empower them to live independently.

Casework Management

  • Our caseworkers guide clients to services that meet their personal goals, monitor client progress, arrange for one-on-one instruction, and make referrals.
  • Caseworkers also conduct home visits, during which they can help clients read mail, write checks, manage finances, complete forms, and perform basic home repairs to ensure safety.
  • Bilingual casework services are available.

Guided Transport Service

  • Our transport service connects clients to life-sustaining medical care, critical food supplies, and agency services.
  • Our service is “door-through-door,” which means that our drivers also escort clients from their homes and into their destinations.
  • Our drivers are trained in techniques to guide people with vision impairments effectively in indoor and outdoor environments. When it is necessary, they also read paperwork, carry bags into clients’ homes, and provide additional assistance.
  • While there is a ticket fee of $3.50 per ride, no qualified client is denied our transport service due to financial hardship.
  • Each client may take an unlimited number of rides each month to and from agency services and up to three (3) rides monthly for medical appointments, grocery shopping, and other critical needs. Reservations are required at least seven (7) days in advance.
  • Cancellations of transport rides on the day of or the day before scheduled services affect arrangements for other clients and often prevent others from getting needed rides. Clients are asked to please limit late cancellations to only unavoidable situations and provide as much notice as possible.
  • Our transport service earned a 98% satisfaction rating from our clients in 2019.

Peer Support and Group Activities

  • Peer Support Groups give clients opportunities to express needs and concerns, participate in problem solving, and share resources in environments of openness, respect, encouragement, and trust.
  • Our Support Groups include our Lehigh Valley Client Group, Monroe Client Group, Lehigh Valley Mall Walk Group, Men’s Group, Women’s Group, and Spanish-Speaking Client Group.
  • Our social and recreational activities help clients remain active, execute skills and techniques that they have learned, connect with those who face similar challenges, and avoid the harmful effects of isolation.

Posch Braille Library

  • The Posch Braille Library at our Lehigh Valley Campus includes more than 400 braille books, games, and additional items.
  • All original library items were from the collection of Gary John Posch Jr., an avid braille reader who passed away in 2013 at the age of 36.
  • The library is open to our clients during typical service hours by appointment.

Contact for Information

Jennifer Pandolfo, 570.992.7787, Ext. 222

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