Gifts of Stock

A stock gift to the Center for Vision Loss may provide tax benefits. Potential benefits include the avoidance of long-term capital gains taxes and the opportunity to deduct your gift’s value from your adjusted gross income if you itemize on your federal tax return. Donors should be aware of possible tax implications. Please consult your tax professional for details.

Please use the form below to make your stock pledge. After your broker confirms the donation of stock, we will issue an official acknowledgment. The letter will indicate the number and type(s) of share received, the date of the gift, and the date during which the stock was converted into cash. Revenue from gifts of stocks will be assigned to the our Annual Fund unless you indicate other wishes.

Every effort will be made to sell stocks your as quickly as possible. For tax purposes, the value of the stock will be an average of the high and low prices on the date in which your gift is liquidated.

Pledge Your Stock Gift

Thank you for your interest in making a gift of stock to the Center for Vision Loss. Please complete this form to make your pledge. A member of our team will be in contact with you. Submission of this form does not execute your gift.

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