What We Do

The Center for Vision Loss offers inspires and empowers people with visual impairments to seize their personal independence and promotes healthy eyesight. We offer sights of hope through our Support Services, Rehabilitation Services, and Prevention Services. We provide our services at little or no cost, and more than 80% of our clients with vision loss are from low-income households.

Picture of a client tending to a potted plant

Our Support Services

Our Support Services include stuff. These services improve quality of life for people who experience vision loss and empower them to live independently.
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Our Rehabilitation Services

Our Rehabilitation Services include Vision Rehabilitation Therapy, Orientation and Mobility Instruction, and our Low Vision Care Centers. These services help people with vision loss build skills needed to perform daily activities independently.
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Client Qualifications

We use client eligibility guidelines established by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services (BBVS) and there are no financial qualifications.
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Client Activity Bulletins

We produce and distribute quarterly bulletins that list activities available for our clients in the Lehigh Valley and Monroe County.

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Our Prevention Services

Our Prevention Services include Free Vision Screenings and Community Education Programs. These services concentrate primarily on children but also serve adults and professionals.

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Our Learning Videos

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Our Triumph Stories

Discover how we have empowered others to triumph over their visual impairments through our support, rehabilitation, and prevention services.

Our Lehigh Valley Triumphs

Our Monroe Triumphs