Center for Vision Loss Releases Statement on COVID-19 Situation

Douglas Yingling, Executive Director of the Center for Vision Loss, has issued a statement related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

The statement is shown below in its entirety:

“As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation unfolds, the Center for Vision Loss reaffirms its commitment to the health and safety of its clients, the community members it serves, its employees, and its volunteers. As people ages 65 and up comprise more than 60% of our client population, we are especially aware of the need to be vigilant and prudent.

“At this moment, we have no knowledge of any client, staff member, or volunteer who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. However, for the sake of prudence and responsibility, we have taken the following actions:

  • We have cancelled all group activities from Monday, March 16, through Friday, March 20, in both the Lehigh Valley and Monroe County. We will consider future group activities on a week-by-week basis.
  • We have advised all staff members to stay home if they do not feel well, have flu-like symptoms, are known to have been exposed to someone with the virus, or have a family member who is ill or has similar symptoms.
  • We have instructed our transportation staff members and our caseworkers to contact all clients before each scheduled ride or visit to ensure that they are well. If a client is not well, then the ride or visit will be cancelled or postponed. We also have provided our drivers with sanitizing wipes and disinfectant sprays and have required them to use these products regularly in our vehicles.
  • We have instructed our staff and volunteers to follow effective hygiene protocols – such as not shaking hands, using disinfectants at their work areas, washing their faces and hands, and not touching their faces.

“Our responses to the situation will remain fluid, and we will keep you informed of changes. We thank you for your continued support of personal triumphs over visual impairments.”