November 22, 2013

Martin Lang, President of the Center for Vision Loss Endowment Foundation, is pleased to announce the establishment of The Helen Keller Society to commemorate the Center for Vision Loss’s 85 years of service to the community in 2013. This legacy giving designation is open to people of all backgrounds and incomes who want to make sure that the Center for Vision Loss can continue to provide programs and services which improve the lives of people with vision loss and promote healthy vision in the community.

The Center for Vision Loss feels a warm kinship with Helen Keller, the well-known deaf-blind teacher and humanitarian. Through Miss Keller’s urging, local Lions Clubs formed the two original Lehigh County and Northampton County blind associations in 1928. Throughout her life, Miss Keller encouraged blind and visually impaired individuals to look beyond vision to seek their own level of independence. A gift to The Helen Keller Society will provide this opportunity for many in the future.

The Center for Vision Loss Endowment Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, established in 1980 to provide funding opportunities based on best investment practices that would ensure the sustainability of the Center for Vision Loss and its mission for the future. Legacy gifts maybe designated for a specific purpose or to remember a person who has held a significant place in your life.

Contributions to The Helen Keller Society may take the form of:
-Gifts of Cash of $1,000 or more
-Gifts by Bequest
-Gifts of Life Insurance
-Gifts of Stocks/Securities
-Gifts by Retirement Accounts

If you are interested in contributing or wish more information please contact:
Martin Lang at 610-439-5040 or or
Karen Z. Huetter, Development Director, at 610-433-6018, x. 241 or

Interested donors should always consult with their attorney, tax advisor or financial advisor to discuss the gift which will best suit their personal circumstances.

Click here to download a printable brochure about The Helen Keller Society.

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