Center for Vision Loss Raffle Winners

Check here for the postings of our monthly raffle winners. Raffle tickets for July, 2017-June, 2018 are still for sale. Call Ruth Weber at 610-433-6018, x. 245 to purchase an individual ticket for $10 or a book of 6 for $50. Good Luck!

July 2017: Kathyrn Dilliard, Joseph Koval, Thomas & Mary Doyle, Jeff Smith, Joe Keller, Bob Steets

August 2017: Jeffrey Appleby, Betty Kramer, Janet O. Hall, Lions Club of Hecktown-Lower Nazareth Area, Betty Hosier, Ray Wetherhold

September 2017: Linda Graver, Roy Detweiler, Robert McLean, Jean Moore, Catherine & Richard Wiscount, Eleanor Seng

October 2017: Kathleen Bielinski, Gail Boissonneault, Joe Raimo, Richard Schreiner, Jeff Smith, Krissy Steets

November 2017:Joseph Benjamin, Audrey Racines, Mrs. Constance A. Cowan, S. Saganowich, Cheryl Leblanc, Lynn Schiavone

December 2017: Donna Fink, Scott Griffith, Gerald Kessler, G.A. Link, Jackie Novicky, Jackie O’Connell

January 2018: Betty Fantozzi, Tina Getz, Rita Granitz, Jim Kondravy, Dolores Krause, Kathleen Miller

February 2018: Dale Christman, Mary Oplinger, James Fink, Maria Vazquez, Donald Green, Barry Miles, Sr.

March 2018: Coopersburg Lions Club, Mar Grimes, Joe Keller, Rose C. Miller, Jean Moore, Carol W. Pavuk

April 2018: Stephen J. Drabick, O.D., Deborah Everett, Robb Piotrowski, Joe Raimo, Alethia N. Smith, Ellen Stahl

May 2018: Barbara Kmetz, Joseph Falzone, Kathleen Miller, Dolores Krause, Robert Sodaitis, Richard Schreiner

June 2018: Stanley Holmes, Jr., Jim Long, Robert McLean, Schuler Service, Erin Stone, Bob Sheets

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