Center for Vision Loss Raffle Winners

Check here for the postings of our monthly raffle winners. Raffle tickets for July, 2016-June, 2017 are still for sale. Call Ruth Weber at 610-433-6018, x. 245 to purchase an individual ticket for $10 or a book of 6 for $50. Good Luck!

July 2016:  Bill Kreitz, Donald Green, Bill Barnett, Pete Oswald, Gina Karess, Barbara Mumbauer

August 2016: M.S. Hilbert, Roy Detweiler, III, David Long, Madeline H. Klotz, Lehigh Township Lions, Dolores Shafer

September 2016: Norma Groman, Pat Amey, Barbara Moyer, Karen Dunbar, Don Rumble, T. Reiss

October 2016: Jeanette Candelario, D. Billger, Brad Ott, Janet O. Hall, William D. George II, Marge Rowan

November 2016: Michael Belletti, Karen Dunbar, James W. Geiling, Mrs. G. Miles, Leon Peters, Gloria M. Smith

December, 2016:  Dale Benninger, Gina Karess, Barbara Mumbauer, Brian Niles, Dick Schreiner, Pollyanna Sparrow, OD

January, 2017:  John S. Heckler, Edmund Hauff, Wayne Kriebel Jr., Joseph C. Kernick, David Harakal, Jean E. Litzenberger

February, 2017:  Karen Dunbar, Mr. Mrs. Phillippe Winowich, Joe Raimo, Gary Muzzelo, M.S. Hilbert, A. Brost

March, 2017: Betty Holt, Matt Johnson, M F Katzer, Angela McLaughlin, Ron Torchia, David Torrey

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