March 17, 2017

Our agency’s 2015-2016 Annual Report,Turning Challenges into Opportunities, is now available. You can click here to access this document. The report outlines our impact in the community, our client outcomes and describes how we as an agency also challenged ourselves to improve our overall organizational health and service delivery.

What we didn’t share in this report, however, also provides interesting reading and food for thought so we thought we’d share some more amazing statistics with you here. When compared with 2014-2015 we found that:
-The number of escorted transportation rides increased by 6%
-The number of children receiving free vision screenings increased by 27%
-The number of children benefitting from agency educational programs increased by 8%
-The number of adults receiving free vision screenings increased by 28%
-The number of adults benefitting from agency educational programs increased by 17%
-The number of casework hours of service increased by 8%
-The number of patients visiting our Low Vision Clinics increased by 113%
And the number of people attending community presentations about eye health and safety increased by 253%
Wow! Doug Yingling, Executive Director, thanks all of the agency’s paid and volunteer staff for their strong efforts to move our mission forward.

But without the support of Our Friends, none of our work would have been possible. So we heartily thank all of you who contributed monetary gifts or gifts of goods and services to help us continue our mission of improving the lives of people with vision loss and promoting healthy vision in the community!

If you wish to receive a copy of the 2015-2016 Annual Report in accessible format please contact us.

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