Adaptive Technology

Devices to assist people with low vision range from a simple magnifer to a CCTV (closed circuit television). Our staff believes in the importance of allowing the patient to try each device in a real setting before selecting the most effective one. The agency has a varied stock of items in-house with which to experiment.Determining which device will work best for each task is a team effort of the low vision specialist and the patient. The low vision specialist will ask questions such as how and where will the device be used, does the device need to be portable or can it remain stationary, or what level of magnification is needed to perform the task?

After choosing appropriate devices, the patient needs practice and patience to use them effectively. For example, working with a magnifier or a monocular telescope is not the same as wearing a pair of glasses. The individual may also be referred to the PA Bureau of Blindness & Visual Services for rehabilitation training.

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