Low Vision Services

Low vision refers to vision loss that can no longer be restored with eye glasses or contact lenses. The agency’s low vision services include the low vision examination, an introduction to adaptive technology, and the InSight Shop which sells products to enhance vision.


Low Vision Clinic

Low vision is the reduction of a person’s vision to the degree that the vision can no longer be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. The resulting impairment impacts the individual’s ability to accomplish everyday activities. Anthony Silvetti, OD (AS), directs the Low Vision Clinics at the Center for Vision Loss. Dr. Silvetti graduated from Bloomsburg University, the Pennsylvania College of Optometry and completed an externship at the Feinbloom Vision Rehabilitation Center in Philadelphia. To learn more about the Low Vision Clinics, call 610-433-6018 in the Lehigh Valley and 570-992-7787 in Monroe County. MORE

Low Vision Examination

A low vision examination differs from a routine eye exam to evaluate a patient for glasses. Instead it evaluates how to enhance the patient’s remaining vision. Dr. Anthony Silvetti, OD, is the agency's Low Vision Specialist. He asks the patient about their health history, what medications they are taking and what their living arrangements are like such as living independently, with a spouse or in assisted living. Dr. Silvetti will also ask them what activities they would like to do that they can’t do now such as watch television, write checks, take a walk, read the newspaper, or MORE

Vision Aids Store

Both the Lehigh Valley and Monroe offices carry a range of products and adaptive technology to purchase to enhance vision. The public is invited to visit and explore items ranging from large number bingo cards, large print calendars and bold and wide lined tablets to magnifiers, talking watches, liquid level indicators and electronic readers. Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover are accepted and gift certificates are available. Please call 610.433.6018 in the Lehigh Valley and 570.992.7787 in Monroe County for more information. MORE

Adaptive Technology

Devices to assist people with low vision range from a simple magnifer to a CCTV (closed circuit television). Our staff believes in the importance of allowing the patient to try each device in a real setting before selecting the most effective one. The agency has a varied stock of items in-house with which to experiment.Determining which device will work best for each task is a team effort of the low vision specialist and the patient. The low vision specialist will ask questions such as how and where will the device be used, does the device need to be portable MORE
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