Safety First When Buying Toys

November 22, 2010

The holiday shopping season is now in full swing.  We encourage parents and toy buyers to beware of toys that could be threatening to children’s eyes.  When checking over your child’s wish list, keep in mind these toy safety tips from Vision Quest (copyright 1996 Chris Smith and North Central Sight Services, Inc.):

1.  Avoid toys that shoot objects.

2.  Avoid toys that are too complex for young children.  Toys should suit the skills, abilities and interests of the individual child.  Remember, a toy that is safe for an 8-year-old may be hazardous for a younger child.

3.  Read labels and instructions carefully before buying.  Look for labels with age recommendations such as “Recommended for children three to five years old.”  Also, use your own judgement in deciding whether a toy is difficult for your child.

4.  Check toys used by children under three for any small parts or broken pieces that children could put in their mouths.

5.  Demonstrate and discuss with children how to use toys properly and safely.

6.  Encourage your child to put away toys so that they are not broken and so that no one trips or slips on them.

7.  Examine toys periodically.  Watch out particularly for sharp edges and points, and sand splintered wooden surfaces.  Repair broken toys and discard toys that cannot be fixed.

8.  Discard plastic wrappings on toys at once, before they become deadly.

The holidays are a time of fun but remember that good eye health is not done by magic!  It starts at home by remembering to protect everyone’s eyes–kids and adults alike!

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