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Vision Screenings

Did you know that 80% of what a child learns comes through the visual system? And did you know that almost 25% of school age children have vision problems? This means that the earlier a vision issue is detected, the sooner the child can have their eyesight corrected. A child who does not see well will experience little success in school until the problem is addressed. The Center for Vision Loss takes this issue seriously and focuses on providing free vision screenings for children at pre-schools, day care centers, kindergarten registrations and other community locations to improve their readiness for school. Older MORE

Dr. Optical Activities

Help kids learn how to keep their eyes safe with monthly activities featuring Dr. Optical and Miss Illusion. Click on each link to download that month's activity. January Computer Eye-Q Test February President's Day Matchup March Eyes on Spring April What is Your Blindspot? May Perception in Depth June Whose Birthday Is It Anyway? July Summer Picnics August Animal Eyes September Sports and Hobbies October Halloween Tricks November Giving Thanks December Holiday Greetings MORE

Eye Health for Kids

Children need to see well to learn well, but a child who is not seeing well generally does not realize it. If you observe any of these symptoms in your child, the Center for Vision Loss urges you to make an appointment with an eye doctor as soon as possible: 1. Tends to rub their eyes 2. Complains of headaches or dizziness 3. Shuts or covers one eye while reading 4. Turns or tilts their head to use one eye only 5. Squints, frowns or blinks more than usual 6. Uses a finger to maintain their place while reading 7. Loses their place while reading 8. Omits or MORE
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