Educational Programs

Good eye health is important at any age. Our agency’s community educational programs are designed to educate the public about eye safety and eye health, increase understanding and respect for people who are challenged by vision loss and to dispel myths about blindness and visual impairment.


The Four Most Common Vision Diseases-focuses on facts, prevention and current treatments for macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy
Low Vision Causes, Options and Devices– an overview of the definition of low vision and assistive technology and how the Center for Vision Loss can help an individual utilize their remaining sight
Vision Loss is NOT a Normal Part of Aging– discussion of the vision changes we can expect as we get older
– Locked on the Small Screen- discover how you can maximize computer comfort to benefit your eye health
Eye Safety at a Glance– learn about protecting your eyes at work and home
Better Light for Better Sight– discussion and show-and-tell focusing on how to choose the right kind of lighting to make a difference in how well you see (also called You Light Up My Life, or Who Turned Down the Lights?-a more light-hearted title depending on your audience!)
The BIG Picture– what is magnification and how can various kinds of magnification devices improve daily living with vision loss
– What’s the (Focal) Point?- how do bifocals, trifocals and more help improve your sight
Can You Compete with Spiderman?- includes tips about night vision, driving and staying safe on the road
Keep an Eye Out for Safety– the importance of eye safety in sports and how making eye safety a good habit at all ages is also an important part of staying fit

In addition, we also offer the following more targeted programs:
Low Vision Road Show– informs the audience of the specialized services that are available to individuals who are affected by low vision. Dr. Anthony Silvetti, OD, our Low Vision Specialist and Low Vision Clinic Director, takes part by explaining the importance and need for a low vision exam and then suggests the specific kinds of assistive devices best suite for the individual’s needs.
Doing Things Differently– This program is designed for people who interact in their workplace with patients, customers, and clients who live with vision loss. Program includes interactive components, sighted guide training, and a training guide. Note: A fee is charged for this training.

Our Community Outreach Specialists are available to present programs at health fairs, senior citizen centers, personal care facilities, schools and other community locations. Call them to discuss your needs including topics of interest, length of presentation and composition of the audience so that we can design a program that is just right for your group. Our programs are generally provided free-of-charge but, as a non-profit, we always welcome donations from groups we visit to help us continue our outreach.

For more information and to book a program, please contact:
In Lehigh County: Dawn Sellers at 610-433-6018 x 244,
In Northampton County: Ruthie Asmus at 610-433-6018 x 232,
In Monroe County: Kate Moro at 570-992-7787,

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