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The Center for Vision Loss is the only nonprofit organization that serves the visual well-being of everyone in Lehigh, Northampton, and Monroe counties at little or no cost. Its core principle is that visual deficits should never decrease a person’s quality of life nor be a barrier to independence and achievement. The agency traces its inception to 1928, when Lions Clubs in Lehigh and Northampton counties responded to a direct appeal from iconic activist Helen Keller. Expansion in 2002 took place at the urging of community leaders in Monroe County.

To enable personal triumphs over vision challenges.

To influence a world in which vision loss is not a barrier to independence and achievement.

Lehigh Valley: Lehigh and Northampton counties in eastern Pennsylvania
Monroe: Monroe County in eastern Pennsylvania

Support: To deliver support and improve quality of life for people who experience vision loss.
Rehabilitation: To provide for rehabilitation of visual capabilities in children and adults.
Prevention: To encourage people of all ages to engage in practices and behaviors that prevent vision loss.

Support: The agency’s annual goal is for at least 75 percent of its vision loss clients to report that the services they receive help them maintain their independence.
Rehabilitation: The agency’s annual goal is for at least 85 percent of vision loss clients in its lifeskills programs to improve their functional capabilities.
Prevention: The agency reflects its impact in the numbers of children and adults engaged, screened, referred for additional care, and educated annually.

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